At Filta we want to make it easier for you to up-skill, we have uploaded some great videos for you and your team to view.

Pacvac Academy - Up Skill today

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Work Right

Operate Right

Wear Right

Safety & Maintenance Checks - Advanced Battery

Safety & Maintenance Checks - Superpro 700

Safety & Maintenance Checks - Thrift

Safety & Maintenance Checks - Velo

Velo: The Craft of a new Machine

Pacvac - How to Fit Components - Superpro 700 Series

Pacvac, How to fit Components - Superpro 700 Advanced Battery

Pacvac, How to fit Components - Velo

Unger - Ultra Range Resin bag change

Unger - Pure Water Set up

Unger - Pure Water, Safety first

Unger - Pure Water, Eco Flow

Unger - NLite Poles

Unger - Window Cleaning Demo

Unger - Window Cleaning "S" Technique

Unger - Ninja Window

Unger - Ninga Washer Sleeves

Unger - Stingray

Unger - Stingray, Safety first

Unger - Stingray, How to use

erGo ! Mopping System

SpaceVac - Introduction

SpaceVac - Internal Cleaning of Pipes

SpaceVac- Dusting Brush

SpaceVac - Warehouse Cleaning

SpaceVac - Assembly

Haaga - Introduction

Haaga - 6000 Series Battery

Haaga - 400 Series