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GORILLA Diamond Pads

GORILLA Diamond Pads



Diamond by Gorilla® is a system of floor pads that cleans and polishes concrete, terrazzo & natural stone floors mechanically without the use of chemicals. Diamond by Gorilla® system consists of floor pads impregnated with billions of microscopic diamonds that will transform any dull, worn floor into a clean shining floor.

The diamond abrasives come in different sizes that create different levels of aggressiveness, each one suited for different levels and applications of cleaning and polishing.

This system can be used on surfaces such as concrete, terrazzo, marble, ceramic and other natural stones as well as VCT (utilising the 1500+ grit polishing pads).

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400 Grit Diamond Pad
An aggressive diamond pad to be the next step used on damaged floors or after grinding. For heavy-duty removal of scratches and discoloration of the surface.

  • Very aggressive
  • For damaged floors or use after grinding
  • HD removal of scratches & discoloration on stone
  • Leaves satin or matte finish

800 Grit Diamond Pad
An intermediate diamond pad to be the first step for bringing back floors not maintained on a regular basis. This pad cleans and removes small scratches. Leaves a slightly reflective finish.

  •  Intermediate step or 1st step in floors not maintained
  • Cleans surface
  • Removes small scratches
  • Leaves a very light, slightly reflective finish

1500 Grit Diamond Pad
This diamond pad is for maintained floors. It prepares floors for high polishing while removing fine scratches. The 1500 can be used as your regular maintenance pad.

  • For maintained floors
  • Cleans & prepares floor for high polish below
  • Removes fine scratches
  • Conditions stone & concrete floors for final polishing
  • Can be used as regular maintenance pad for a luster finish

3000/8000 Grit Diamond Pad
The 3000 diamond pad produces and maintains a “wet-look” floor. Use it as your normal maintenance pad on concrete, stone, terrazzo, tile and even VCT.

  • Normal daily maintenance pad
  • Produces & maintains a “Wet Look” shine

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